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Offsite Activities

Situated within the beautiful Sirhowy Valley Country park, Ynys Hywel offers a range of offsite activities for all ages and abilities. Our extensive range of outdoor adventurous and Team-building activities are designed to introduce you to new activities, uncover new strengths, improve confidence and ensure you have fun. We run great quality sessions with the highest standards of safety. These sessions usually get used as part of a residential or day trip.  


Climbing is a great sport to get in to. Come along with us to explore the great venues South Wales has to offer and learn a skill that will change the way you see the... read more


This session can be educational or as challenging as is required. Come and explore a world unseen by most. Caves have a reputation for being dark, wet, muddy holes that involve squeezing through tight spaces, although this is true it does not do justice to the... read more

Gorge Walk

Gorge walking is the art of moving through gorges carved by rivers; climbing, wading, swimming and jumping. Situated in the famous Dinas Rock area of the Brecon Beacons, we explore the river Mellte and Sychryd. A variety of challenges from ‘The Shower’ to... read more